MH370: Open Letter Regarding A Cover-up


Angela Merkel, German Prime Minister in June 2017;

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia Prime Minister in June 2017;

Najib Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister in June 2017;

Dear Honorable Former Prime Ministers,

Since you are not a Prime Minister as of October 2022, please indicate why you collaborated with your two counterparts on declining to disclose MH370’s terminal location when Geomar positively identified the debris field in June 2017. Your signature is not required.

  1. First, while Prime Minister, were you told MH370 had been located and imaged in June 2017?     Yes:_____, No:_____     Date informed: _______________
  2. Do you believe that is how other nations should treat your relatives in the event they are involved in such a disaster?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  3. Do you believe your relatives deserve a different standard of treatment than the one you applied to the 238 innocents aboard MH370?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  4. Were you or your nation threatened by another government to be silent or lie about what was found at Zenith Abyss? If ‘yes’, which government?     _______________
  5. Assuming you realize that children were among the victims, do you have children or grandchildren?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  6. Do you expect national leaders around the world to exhibit any particular qualities?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  7. Did your nation offer to raise MH370’s debris?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  8. Who would you say took the lead in suppressing the plane’s terminal location? Australia___, Germany___, Malaysia___, Other,___
  9. What will you say to the families of the victims when they learn you did not believe they needed to be told?     _______________
  10. Do you consider yourself a role model?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  11. Have you raised concerns about this incident with the United Nations’ ICAO?     Yes:_____, No:_____
  12. Were you aware that Australia and Malaysia misled Oliver Plunkett and his firm, Ocean Infinity, in 2018 when he tried to help locate the plane?     Yes:_____, No:_____


Thank you for participating. Please tweet a copy of your responses to me at @MikeChillit.