#MH370 And the Butt-Hurt Crowd

It is fairly well known that Malaysia and Australia pumped a lot of money into a search of the Southern Ocean where MH370 could not possibly have flown. The laws of physics that govern what we can and cannot do in this physical universe prevented MH370 from flying farther south than Zenith Abyss; yet the official search for three years focused on a small strip of seafloor 2,000 kilometers farther south than Zenith Abyss. It is well established that those efforts failed to locate anything from the plane: not because they missed it; but because the plane could not possibly have traveled that far south in the first place. Fuel had nothing to do with it; it’s all about the radius of the final ping. Hockey, pro Football, and Basketball players, for example, have long known that if you don’t have radius, it doesn’t matter how much fuel is in the tank.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Telemetry for MH370.

Why did Malaysia and Australia spend money like they had too much of it? Probably because most analysts involved in the search didn’t take time to think it through. Instead, they tried to save time by copying Inmarsat’s early efforts to reinvent Doppler. Huge mistake. Doppler has been done; fine tool; and it will not be reinvented with a Honeywell SDU like the one tucked into the cockpit of MH370.

Eventually, the problem may be attributed to something known as “group think”. Most analysts involved in the search were bright capable people at the top of their game. But they rushed due to the unusual nature of the tragedy, the number of victims involved, and intense media scrutiny. That was a normal human reaction. No shame. We all do it. Given different circumstances, the same analysts would have quickly risen to the challenge.

But now, years later, a few individuals in Malaysia and Australia who were never deeply involved in the search have decided to pretend no one knows where MH370 is resting. They’ve had FOUR YEARS to break the news to the world that a 777-200ER airframe is sitting on the bottom of Zenith Abyss; and that said airframe has been filmed extensively by people with money that is spelled with a capital “M”. So it may be time to ask if any of those individuals have a heart or soul? Or feel any moral obligation to fit in with the rest of the world? Just what kind of people are they. Really?

Instead of sharing what is already known with the rest of the world, those moneyed interests have shopped around for people who have no compunction about claiming their Little Shop of Horrors’ “Audrey II” (aka WSPR radio waves) can reach out and track MH370 all the way back to its Boeing assembly line.

The real problem seems to be that a few people with more money than compassion have had way too much time to think about what it will mean to actually break the news. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons are about to relinquish their bad boy reputations for the Cold Fusion fiasco.

Fleischmann–Pons experiment
The most famous cold fusion claims were made by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. After a brief period of interest by the wider scientific community, their reports were called into question by nuclear physicists. Pons and Fleischmann never retracted their claims, but moved their research program from the USA to France after the controversy erupted.

Let’s face it: there will be lots to do once the plane’s endpoint is acknowledged. For example 1) Wikipedia’s fictional account will have to be reimagined from scratch; 2) the UN will have to change ICAO regulations to prevent future private entities from hijacking evidence; 3) ICAO will have to find ways to prevent ad hoc groups from fraudulent advertising and bogus claims (WSPR).