MH370: Open Letter to Chancellor Robert Shenton French AC

Chancellor Robert Shenton French AC
The University of Western Australia (M456A)
35 Stirling Highway
CRAWLEY WA 6009, Australia

July 20, 2022

Dear Chancellor French,

Like many others around the world, the loss of MH370 in 2014 led me to try to help locate the plane’s crash site, if at all possible. Fortunately, it was not difficult. Inmarsat’s detailed station-keeping data archive… used sparingly in the official search… simplified the task and I was able to independently confirm NOAA’s March 2014 finding that it crashed 150 kilometers southwest of Zenith Plateau. Unlike NOAA, I did not have satellite imagery, so I used telemetry. Both methods place the plane at exactly the same location on impact. In addition to the plane’s terminal location, I found that the pilot’s heading was a steady 162° SSE from a point west of Simeulue, ID to the endpoint.

I am not writing just to tell you the plane’s location has been known for years, and suggest it is time for Australia to be honest about it. I’m writing because the work I did on locating the plane has prompted personal attacks and innuendo on official UWA stationary that involves at least one of your faculty members. I do not know what prompted any of the attacks. There has never been a claim of responsibility or an explanation, to my knowledge. I can tell you that most of the attacks have come from the Perth area; most are linked to the Malaysian Embassy in Perth; most are also linked to an ad hoc MH370 support group in Kuala Lumpur; and to the UWA-Perth School of Biological Sciences.

One of those directly involved is Dr. Alan Jamieson, School of Biological Sciences, UWA-Perth. There are others. Copies of his correspondence are publicly available at this link:

Western Australia’s Minderoo Foundation is also involved. It funds Alan Jamieson’s position, and appears to sanction his behavior as “Director, Minderoo-UWA Deep Sea Research Centre” which he proudly displays, even on the hate mail he is busy creating. I cannot imagine that Dr. Jamieson’s behavior is what any University would want as its face to the world.

As for my efforts to help conclude the eight-year farce of a search for MH370, the United States lost three souls on that plane. I will continue working on it until there is closure for all families, including Australian families.



Dr. Michael Chillit, Wisconsin, USA

A copy of this letter will be sent to the US Senate.

Editor’s note: minor revisions have been made above to accurately reflect the contents of the letter that has now been mailed to Chancellor French.

Copy of letter mailed to select US Senators