#MH370: Chronology of Deception

It’s no longer much of a secret: Australia, Malaysia, and Germany collaborated on deceiving relatives, governments, and the flying public worldwide about discovery of MH370’s crash location after it was visually confirmed in June 2017. That “hoax” actually began about six months prior to confirmation of the plane’s terminal location 7 kilometers below the ocean surface when a German doctoral student named Jonathan Durgadoo exchanged correspondence with moi. I had initiated the exchange after reading an article on his use of a form of drift analysis known generically as “Particle Drift” or specifically as “Stokes Drift” to reverse trace the plane’s flaperon from Reunion Island to its origin. Using an algorithmic form of reverse drift, Mr. Durgadoo estimated that the flaperon originated about halfway between Batavia and Zenith Seamount, a span of about 600 kilometers.

Without my knowledge, Mr. Durgadoo apparently recognized the improved precision geometric telemetry offered and used it to convince Australia to send a crew out to check the Zenith area. I imagine there were others involved in Germany and perhaps England (Inmarsat) in checking the math, and once all agreed it was correct, Australia and Malaysia suspended all further searches two months before the location was visually confirmed. Mr. Durgadoo, in fact, emailed me that he hoped “your method works”… because nothing else seems to get it right.

Indeed, unknown to me at the time, Mr. Durgadoo and his employer, Geomar, had already agreed with Australia and Malaysia to send a research vessel to Zenith to check the prediction. We know now of course that they found it quickly and obtained quite good images: probably some that have never been released.

To date, there have been no official denials that the plane was located in any other sequence. Why no denials? Because it is perjury, worldwide; a huge risk. But there have been two noteworthy private denials by functionaries who “got caught” trying to pull this hoax off in the dark of night. One was a respected Marine Geologist, Reinhard Werner; the other was a marine biologist from Newcastle College in UK, Alan Jamieson.

I did not become aware of the subterfuge until I happened to notice the debris field in a Google Earth plugin prepared and published by Scripps of California. It was published in 2019 and I noticed it in 2020. The only reason I noticed it at all was that it happened to appear precisely where my telemetry said MH370 crashed. Other than that, anyone familiar with the sonar scans from the Air France #447 debris field would never in a million years expect Multibeam sonar to be capable of imaging an aircraft seven kilometers below the ocean surface. Not even a wide body like a Boeing 777-200. But fortunately, Geomar used an imaging technique that somewhat exaggerated the plane’s size. The fact that it appeared precisely where telemetry said it must have crashed was a bonus. It also helped that MH370’s pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, managed to ditch the plane in a way that left it largely intact, as surmised in 2018 by Canada’s Larry Vance.

Two Unofficial Denials

The first of two denials came from Dr. Reinhard Werner, the Principal Investigator aboard Geomar’s June 2017 voyage to Zenith to confirm MH370’s terminal location. After noticing an odd shape in a Google Earth plugin prepared and published by Scripps in 2019, I spent a month or so trying to determine exactly what it was and how the image had been acquired. It was not a simple process. Scripps was generally helpful. I was referred to Geomar eventually, specifically to the Principal Investigator for “Cruise SO258/1”, Reinhard Werner. As you can imagine, since I knew Jonathan Durgadoo, with whom I shared my telemetry, worked for Geomar, bells and whistles were going off, but I didn’t venture into that aspect of it at that point. Attached is my email to Dr. Werner; it is followed by his reply.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Email from Michael Chillit to Reinhard Werner regarding 2017 Multibeam Sonar that pinpointed MH370’s terminal location at -7 kilometers in Zenith Abyss. (Click to enlarge)

I did not have preconceived notions about what Reinhard Werner might say to me. I certainly did not anticipate high level official duplicity from the three nations I previously assumed were “on the up and up”. Wrong. I couldn’t even be sure Werner would reply, given the hostile environment the search for that plane seemed to have entombed. But I did not expect an outright lie that a five-year-old could see through. Yet, that is what I got. Dr. Werner had the effrontery to tell me in so many words that the sonar was not from his voyage. To “prove” it he or someone working for him, edited out the entire area where the fuselage rests. Fortunately, I sent the image out to an independent Kongsberg specialist who not only confirmed it was from the Scripps archive, and from the June 2017 Sonne voyage, but that it had apparently been deleted from Geomar’s website, as well as from GEBCO data in London. High level hijinks.

Figure 2
Figure 2: An image from Geomar’s Reinhard Werner to Michael Chillit claiming the MH370 debris field is nowhere to be found in his Kongsberg AIS files. [Scripps of California previously indicated Geomar and Werner were the source; moreover, there had been no other publicly recorded voyages to that location as of June 2017.] (Click to enlarge)
The second unofficial denial came from a member of the 2017 RV Sonne voyage, Alan Jamieson. Like too many people involved in the search for this plane, Jamieson took a hostile approach. Unlike Werner, who was civil, Jamieson went out of his way to be sarcastic and offensive. It was puzzling at first because I didn’t know Jamieson and he didn’t know me. Who goes through life with that kind of chip on his shoulder? And why? Jamieson’s replies may be viewed at this link. They say all anyone needs to know about their author.

It has taken me a couple of additional years to absorb all of this and make sense of it. A lot has happened over the period, including an organized effort to discredit me and my work for four years; it involved the Malaysian Embassy in Perth; an erstwhile “reporter” for “3AW talkback radio” based in Melbourne, and various false stories in tabloids in England and Australia. Meanwhile, an Australian reporter who criticized Australia’s ATSB for abysmal failure in this tragedy vanished without a trace. No body; he is presumed dead. Was he silenced by those who desperately want to hide MH370? No one seems to know. If anyone knows, they appear to be disinclined to talk about Ean Higgin’s demise.

In summary, there have been two deliberate attempts to steer all inquiries away from the MH370 debris field located in Zenith Abyss: one involving Dr. Reinhard Werner, and another involving Alan Jamieson. There have been no official responses to any of it. There are no public statements known to this author to the effect that: “MH370 is still missing”. I interpret such silence to mean the three nations involved are not about to perjure themselves by denying what is known with absolute certainty: MH370 surface debris was first located by NOAA in 2014 via satellite imagery; it was confirmed to be at that location in 2017 by Germany; and it was documented extensively by Australia in 2021 for ten days. At no time did Australia ever attempt to scan that area prior to calling off the search.