• MH370: Profile of a Hoax

    March 8, 2014: MH370 is abducted by its pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who flew for 8 hours into the South Indian Ocean where he made a controlled water ditching above the thirteenth-deepest point on earth and the deepest point in the Indian Ocean. In the process, Shah took the lives of 238 innocent passengers and crew members.

    March 10, 2014: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington DC moved one or more cloud-penetrating satellites into position near the 102nd Meridian to look for aircraft debris. The plane’s departure airport, Kuala Lumpur, lies near the 102nd Meridian and near the Equator where the tracking satellite itself was positioned at the time, meaning the plane would likely have crashed close to the same Meridian, north or south of the airport. Indeed, NOAA quickly located surface debris consistent with plane wreckage at -22.2S, 102.4E.

    March 28, 2014: Australian Search and Rescue teams held a press conference in Canberra to acknowledge the crash location identified by NOAA. Yet at no time in the years to come did Australia attempt to search the seafloor anywhere near the identified crash site.

    June 10, 2017: Using telemetry developed abroad, Germany’s Geomar, an oceanographic institution, scanned the area NOAA identified as the crash site three years earlier. It confirmed the crash site with Multibeam Sonar and with abyssal cameras.

    May 13, 2021: Australia contracted with Caladan Oceanic, a private US thrill-seeking enterprise, to obtain updated images of the debris field.

    As of October 4, 2022, neither Australia, nor Malaysia, nor Germany has publicly acknowledged the plane’s terminal location. And none of them even tried to reach out to the families of the victims until January 2022.

  • MH370: Open Letter Regarding A Cover-up


    Angela Merkel, German Prime Minister in June 2017;

    Malcolm Turnbull, Australia Prime Minister in June 2017;

    Najib Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister in June 2017;

    Dear Honorable Former Prime Ministers,

    Since you are not a Prime Minister as of October 2022, please indicate why you collaborated with your two counterparts on declining to disclose MH370’s terminal location when Geomar positively identified the debris field in June 2017. Your signature is not required.

    1. First, while Prime Minister, were you told MH370 had been located and imaged in June 2017?     Yes:_____, No:_____     Date informed: _______________
    2. Do you believe that is how other nations should treat your relatives in the event they are involved in such a disaster?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    3. Do you believe your relatives deserve a different standard of treatment than the one you applied to the 238 innocents aboard MH370?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    4. Were you or your nation threatened by another government to be silent or lie about what was found at Zenith Abyss? If ‘yes’, which government?     _______________
    5. Assuming you realize that children were among the victims, do you have children or grandchildren?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    6. Do you expect national leaders around the world to exhibit any particular qualities?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    7. Did your nation offer to raise MH370’s debris?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    8. Who would you say took the lead in suppressing the plane’s terminal location? Australia___, Germany___, Malaysia___, Other,___
    9. What will you say to the families of the victims when they learn you did not believe they needed to be told?     _______________
    10. Do you consider yourself a role model?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    11. Have you raised concerns about this incident with the United Nations’ ICAO?     Yes:_____, No:_____
    12. Were you aware that Australia and Malaysia misled Oliver Plunkett and his firm, Ocean Infinity, in 2018 when he tried to help locate the plane?     Yes:_____, No:_____


    Thank you for participating. Please tweet a copy of your responses to me at @MikeChillit.





  • MH370 Memorial?

    Australia, Malaysia, and perhaps others should consider an appropriate memorial to those who lost their lives on flight MH370 and were/are interred at Zenith Abyss. Perhaps a memorial with video and stills from the Abyss. It is one of the few aircraft disasters at sea in which the airframe itself is recognizable and lies in somewhat pristine water.

    How much would it cost? Certainly not more than the $70 million Malaysia offered as a finder’s fee. And since there is no “finder” in the sense Malaysia seems to have intended, a memorial of some sort might be appropriate. Location and features to be decided. A chance for the airline and nation to formally recognize and close the follow-up effort. A self-sustaining memorial would be ideal; perhaps with an overall theme stressing aviation safety.

    Other memorials to loss of life from aircraft disasters could help guide discussions. Below are examples from the United States Park Service memorial at Pearl Harbor. While Pearl Harbor tends to be remembered in a wartime context, it was a peacetime tragedy that spawned a War.

    Examples of historic photos and memorabilia on display at the National Park Service Memorial to Pearl Harbor.


    Examples of contemporary photos on display at the National Park Service Memorial to Pearl Harbor.

    Dec. 27, 2016: U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe present wreaths at the USS Arizona Memorial to honor the service members killed during the Dec. 7, 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor.

    PEARL HARBOR, Aug. 31, 2019: Members of the Ha Ola Village, Kupuna Kahu Council, give a Hawaiian blessing to begin the USS Arizona Memorial dock dedication and blessing ceremony, on Aug. 31. The USS Arizona Memorial has been closed for 14 months due to dock repairs and renovations.
    An aerial view of Pearl Harbor showing the USS Arizona Memorial on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. This memorial marks the location where more than 1,000 sailors and Marines were killed on the battleship USS Arizona (BB 39) during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Pearl Harbor survivors observe the sunken remains of the USS Utah Memorial from a guided boat tour of Pearl Harbor historic sites hosted by Commander, Naval Region Hawaii, and the U.S. Park Service. The tour was part of the Old Glory Honor Flight “Return to Pearl” in which World War II veteran Pearl Harbor survivors from Wisconsin are able to pay their respects at historic sites in Oahu.


  • MH370: Geomar’s Role Revisited

    I would like to have removed the old article at the bottom of this post long ago. I did not because if I had I believed I would have opened myself to legitimate criticism for posting diametrically opposed analyses based on the exact same material. The original article was profoundly wrong, and I was slow in figuring it out.

    Please be assured:

    1. Geomar was the first known entity to record MH370’s terminal crash site with Multibeam sonar;
    2. Geomar deliberately intervened in an international search effort involving the loss of 239 individuals;
    3. Geomar then participated in withholding confirmation of MH370’s terminal crash site, along with Malaysia’s Razak administration and Australia’s Turnbull administration.

    The only thing that is at issue is how, precisely, Principal Investigator Reinhard Werner, aboard the Sonne Cruise SO258/1, was able to put two camera landers so close to MH370’s fuselage without revealing it in published AIS data from the voyage: UNLESS there is also footage that places the vessel (or one of its launches) directly above the wreckage. I have been unable to find an audit trail to that kind of data. It may only mean the book-cookers involved in it were careful and thorough, but it could also mean I’ve simply missed it.

    Below are the two images that have caused me enormous confusion. The third image is an amalgam of the first two. The first two images were distributed by Dr. Reinhard Werner, who is believed to have published the first image shortly after reaching Colombo, Sri Lanka on July 7, 2017. The second image was emailed to me by Reinhard Werner on Friday, October 30, 2020, 39 months after the cruise concluded at Colombo.

    The red dot in the second image was placed there by Dr. Reinhard himself to mark the location of MH370’s debris field (which he claimed not to have ‘reached’). That debris field shows up prominently in all renditions of the R/V Sonne sonar data EXCEPT in the version Reinhard Werner makes available on the Geomar / Germany website. In the latter, the debris field was physically deleted from the record. That is, it was intentionally removed by Geomar’s Principal Investigator or by someone acting on Dr. Werner’s authority, and that removal was confirmed in early 2021 by independent US Kongsberg specialists, as well as by none other than Scripps Oceanographic of California. It happened. It is a fact that Geomar materially tampered with evidence of MH370’s terminal location. The question going forward will be: on whose authority?

    The conundrum I faced for weeks was, “if Reinhard Werner’s positioning of the Jamieson Camera Landers was accurately depicted in the first graphic above, and I now have every reason to believe it is, then Geomar deliberately sailed to that crash site to participate in a hoax involving 239 victims. It also means that the Jamieson Camera Landers were intentionally dropped on two sides of MH370; probably within meters of it; and that high-quality images of the wreckage have been hidden ever since.

    The image below is identical to the one above, except that the one below has a circle centered on the red dot provided by Reinhard Werner marking the location of MH370’s debris field. The radius of the circle is 21.1 kilometers. It is a yardstick of sorts. The purple pit is 21.1 km southeast of the debris field. It shows by comparison that two of the yellow Jamieson Landers were within 10 km of the wreckage. That is not close enough to obtain underwater stills of the wreckage, no matter how good the cameras or how clear the water is, but it is important for other reasons. In the final report of the cruise, the Jamieson Landers are recorded as having been placed in a narrow strip more than 10 kilometers east of the wreckage (second image below). They could not have been in both locations unless the only thing accomplished was shuttling back and forth with R/V Sonne. Unlikely. The only conclusion I’ve been able to reach is that the Cruise Report is largely imaginary for the Zenith portion of the voyage. That is, it was selectively edited to conceal Geomar’s deceit.

    Does ICAO know about this? Did Malaysia, Germany, and Australia obtain permission from ICAO to deceive the entire world? If not, we have three rogue nations that collaborated on deceiving everyone. Who were they protecting? And it is no secret that several world-class bad guys associated with Malaysia had their fingers in the sauce. Not the least of whom was convicted felon and former Prime Minister Najib Razak. The only analogy that comes to mind is, What if the US had collaborated to hide the horrible loss of life associated with the Boeing 737 Max? From my point of view, that is precisely what Australia, Malaysia, and Germany are doing by trying to hide MH370.

    So the foregoing shows how Geomar pulled off the deception. But it is important to stress that AIS from Geomar’s vessel R/V Sonne is inconsistent with such skullduggery. The official AIS record shows Sonne remaining in a north-and-south pattern above the landers shown above as white pins over an orange back-and-forth pattern. That is what puzzled me for a long time. But given the many efforts to deceive, including the effort to have me believe R/V Sonne did not ‘reach’ MH370’s debris field, the only plausible conclusion for me is that Geomar and several of its science advisors fabricated AIS returns as well as the final Cruise Report. The only thing not altered before it was published (perhaps!) was the second weekly report published by Reinhard Werner long before an altered final report was released. Someone hoped no one would check those lander locations.

    Finally, the chart below shows where Camera Landers were claimed to have been deployed in the Week #2 Report (yellow dots), and where they were claimed to have been deployed in the Final Report. Locations are not graphically shown in the official final report, unlike in the Week #2 Report. Moreover, the Week #2 Report was only available in German for a while and was difficult to locate on US websites. Seems to be well known that I do not read or speak German.

    ORIGINAL POST (profoundly incorrect)

    Original Title: MH370: No Evidence Geomar Looked For It or Found It in 2017

    The evidence is not all in, but from what I’ve read and been able to cross-check so far in the 2017 Cruise Report titled:

    RV SONNE Fahrtbericht / Cruise Report SO258/1; INGON: The Indian – Antarctic Break-up Enigma,

    there is nothing to convincingly indicate that the voyage might have been a covert effort to document the plane’s terminal location. If it is indeed there, I’ve been unable to find evidence anyone associated with Geomar’s June 2017 cruise knew that, knows that, ignored it, or helped cover it up by failing to report it.

    The things that initially pointed to those possibilities include 1) assertions in emails from Geomar’s 2017 Principal Investigator to me in late 2020 that the cruise did not scan a large shiny object within 20 km of the 2017 study area; 2) assertions from Scripps’ Oceanographic scientists that the image of an unidentified object that appears in a Google Earth plugin came from the Geomar study; 3) the deletion (apparently by  Geomar) of that large object from the public version of its 2017 EM122 .ALL files; 4) the existence of Geomar images that depict “camera landers” in close proximity to the GPS of the large object; and 5) an unannounced voyage to the 2017 area at Zenith in May 2021 by one of the marine biologists who participated in the 2017 Geomar voyage.

    I would add that six images from the 2021 voyage that appear to have been photoshopped did not help build confidence in the source (#5 above). They were not geocoded or independently verifiable in any way, and were sent to me in the form of… “there is nothing there… there”. That simply reinforced suspicions that the plane’s debris field had been found but not reported. (The snarling, sarcastic marine biologist behind the 2021 images may have hoped to provoke such a response. If so, he succeeded.)

    I will soon inactivate previous posts focused on the possibility that MH370 debris has been observed / recorded at Zenith Abyss. There is no convincing evidence it is not there; telemetry based on the tracking satellite suggests it is there; but I see nothing to be gained by blindly asserting something that cannot be verified.

    Figure 1
    Figure 1: Zenith Abyss. Transect tracks by day between June 11, 2017 and June 14, 2017. None reported for June 10, which was largely a Lander-Drop day at Zenith Abyss. AIS pings were not in close proximity for the most part, but no indication of intent to mislead. Geomar appears to have developed fairly tight accounting practices that provide effective audit trails throughout its operations.
  • MH370: Najib Razak’s Ocean Infinity Scam (English)

    After exhausting all appeals, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was convicted of the “1Malaysia Development Berhad” scandal two years ago. But another of Mr. Razak’s financial shenanigans used missing airliner MH370 for bait. For that, Razak needed and received help from former Australian Prime Minister Malcomb Turnbull, who helped defraud a Good Samaritan search effort undertaken by the firm Ocean Infinity.

    As a tribute to the 238 MH370 victims representing eleven languages, this article is also available in Google-Translated variations: Bahasha, Chinese, Deutsche, Français, Hindee, Italiano, Malay, Nederlands, Russkiy, Ukrayinsʹka; at this link: https://mikechillit.net.

    On January 10, 2018 Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak directed his Minister of Transport, Mr. Liow Tiong Lai, to enter into a formal agreement on behalf of Malaysia with Ocean Infinity’s CEO, Oliver Plunkett. The agreement that emerged authorized a sole-source search for MH370: primarily in the Southern Ocean. That thumping noise at the time was Dr. Albert Einstein turning in his grave. Because, unknown to Ocean Infinity, the laws of Physics and Mathematics would have to have been rewritten for the plane to have flown anywhere near the Southern Ocean. It was an impossible scenario, but a scenario many people continued to embrace in 2018, including Mr. Plunkett and his staff. In fact, most of those involved in the original search still harbored a belief that the plane could be anywhere its fuel reserves permitted it to go. They had not learned that the radius of the final ping, in relation to the tracking satellite’s GPS location at that moment, meant the plane could not possibly have crashed where four years of searching had already failed.

    The agreement was characterized as a “no find, no fee” contract. It provided that Ocean Infinity would be paid up to US $70 million if it successfully located the plane’s debris field. But, in the event Ocean Infinity was unable to locate the plane, it would be responsible for all of its own costs; receiving nothing in the way of remuneration from Malaysia or anyone else. “No find, no fee” contracts are fairly common in deep-sea salvage. It is speculative work with a high risk of failure. Oliver Plunkett and his firm were well acquainted with high risk salvage, but they were no match for Najib Razak’s calculus.

    At the time the agreement between Ocean Infinity and Malaysia was signed in January 2018, fewer than 20 people worldwide are believed to have known exactly where the plane crashed; among those who knew were Najib Razak and Liow Tiong Lai. Prima facie, the agreement Najib Razak engineered with Ocean Infinity was “a scam” every step of the way. Ponzi would have been in awe; partly because Oliver Plunkett is very good at what he does; but even Plunkett was no match for Kuala Lumpur. And the finesse with which it was pulled off cemented Najib Razak’s legacy as a master of financial shenanigans.

    The contract Mr. Razak crafted and that was then signed by Oliver Plunkett on January 10, 2018 actually prevented Plunkett’s firm from locating MH370: 1) it required Ocean Infinity to limit its search to areas determined most likely to harbor wreckage; 2) the individual who would make search geography decisions was Australia’s Dr. David Griffin; 3) Griffin was well acquainted with MH370 after spending several years on the original search; 4) but Griffin was also known to believe the plane had to have flown into the Southern Ocean, a mathematical impossibility Dr. Griffin did not understand at that point, and Mr. Razak knew that; 5) the contract also required Ocean Infinity to sail with what some have characterized as “two snitches”; their jobs were to ensure that Ocean Infinity complied with the agreement. That was code of sorts that meant Ocean Infinity would not be permitted to sail far enough north to stray into the plane’s known terminal location.

    At least part of Mr. Razak’s motive for all of that appears to have been to gain favor with MH370 families without actually revealing the plane’s crash site. Risks associated with permitting Ocean Infinity to actually locate the plane included: 1) failure to report it when Germany confirmed it in June 2017; 2) and risk of airing whatever might be recovered from the flight recorders. Mr. Razak was already facing 1MDB charges. He nevertheless wanted to spiff up his resume for the home crowd to make a good showing in his reelection campaign. Mr. Razak was nothing if not one of the most optimistic and determined individuals on planet earth.

    Where is MH370?

    The largest portion of the wreckage lies at -22.2°S, 102.4°E. That location was well beyond the geographical limit of the search, as defined by CSIRO’s David Griffin, which ended at about -33.2°S. Nevertheless, Plunkett’s Ocean Infinity was permitted to scan all the way north to about -24.8°S; roughly 300 kilometers south of the plane’s fuselage. Kuala Lumpur took few chances.

    As for “who knew where the plane was located” in January 2018, the following list identifies those who were either aboard the R/V Sonne for the Voyage to scan Zenith Abyss, or were instrumental in locating the plane prior to the Sonne voyage. Knowledge of the purpose of the Zenith exploration and its ramifications appears to have been tightly controlled. Only a few individuals in Germany, Australia, and Malaysia were kept abreast of findings. Most of those on the cruise, “33 scientists and technicians from 10 different countries”, are believed to have been kept in the dark about the purpose of the Zenith portion of the cruise:

    • Darren Chester, Outgoing Australia Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
    • Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D., Germany, Geomar Scientist
    • Greg Hood, Australia Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau
    • Alan Jamieson, Ph.D., Marine Biologist, Abyssal Camera Lander Specialist
    • Barnaby Joyce, Incoming Australia Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development
    • Liow Tiong Lai, Transport Minister of Malaysia;
    • NOAA knew where the plane crashed almost immediately, but appears to have shared that only with Canberra and Kuala Lumpur.
    • Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia
    • Malcomb Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia
    • Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Germany, Marine Geologist with Geomar

    There were certainly others in the know, but probably not many as of January 2018 when Ocean Infinity set sail into what it believed was a legitimate good-faith search for MH370. Incidentally, the author was generous with Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull, whose archives now include a package of graphics sent to him showing the same math and location I had given Geomar’s Jonathan Durgadoo.

    Knowledge of the plane’s location seems to have been fairly limited in late 2017 when Ocean Infinity made its high profile gamble. The company was just getting started, had relocated from UK to Texas, so a big part of Ocean Infinity’s interest was in a little free publicity that sometimes accompanies high profile mysteries. But the company was also entirely serious about conducting a rigorous search.

    As for Germany, where Geomar’s R/V Sonne and crew physically found a debris field no one else had been able to find, I have no information on who was or wasn’t in the loop. Germany can keep a secret; sometimes.

    The two-page contract between Ocean Infinity and Malaysia is shown below. To the best of the author’s knowledge, there were no additional terms or conditions.

    Liow Tiong Lai

    Minister Of Transport

    At MH370-Ocean Infinity Signing Ceremony

    10 January 2018

    1. Good afternoon everyone.
    2. First and foremost, I wish to thank all of you particularly the families and loved ones of those on board MH370 and members of the media for your presence here today.
    3. I would like to take this opportunity to explain briefly regarding the further search operations to locate MH370 by Ocean Infinity.
    4. Based on the agreement, Ocean Infinity will undertake search operation to locate flight MH370 at an area of 25,000 square kilometer within the priority search area on South Indian Ocean based on a “no cure no fee” basis within a 90-day time frame. The search operation is scheduled to commence mid January 2018.
    5. As we speak, the vessel, Seabed Constructor is currently on her way to the search area, taking advantage of the favorable weather condition in the South Indian Ocean.
    6. We have on board 65 crew including two (2) personnel from Royal Malaysian Navy as the Government of Malaysia’s representative.
    7. The primary mission by Ocean Infinity is to identify the location of the wreckage and/or both of the flight recorders; Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and present a considerable and credible evidence to confirm the exact location of the two main items.
    8. The payment/reward to Ocean Infinity is subject to the area where the wreckage is located based on the division of the search area as agreed in the agreement:

    (i) RM82 million (USD20 million) for the 5,000 square kilometer primary search area.

    (ii) RM122 million (USD30 million) for the subsequent 10,000 square kilometer secondary search area.

    (iii) RM204 million (USD50 million) for another 10,000 square kilometer tertiary search area.

    (iv) RM285 million (USD70 million) for additional supplementary search area beyond 25,000 square kilometer.

    1. The MH370 Response Team, headed by the Director General of Civil Aviation along with officials from my ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Communication and Multimedia. Other agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police and the Attorney General’s Chambers will be monitoring the works done by Ocean Infinity via an operation room established within DCA premise.
    2. The team will be updating the families of those on board MH370 via text messages and email as well as updated information on the MH370 official website under the nok section at (hyperlink removed) as and when new information becomes available.
    3. Once again, I wish to thank all of you for attending this ceremony today.
    4. I would like to reiterate our unwavering commitments towards solving the mystery of MH370 incident.
    5. Our thoughts and prayers have and will always be with all the families and loved ones of those on board MH370 as we stand with you in these trying times.
    6. It my hope that we will find answer that we seek for nearly four years and bring some closure to this unfortunate incident.
    7. With that I thank all of you.

    Liow Tiong Lai

    The following photos are listed by the first letter of the last name in the English alphabet.

    Darren Chester, outgoing Australia Aviation Minister, 2017.

    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D. Dr. Durgadoo developed a drift model for MH370’s right flaperon that was found on a Reunion Island beach in 2015, due west of the crash site.

    David Griffin, Ph.D., Australia’s CSIRO; By all accounts, Dr. Griffin has a reputation for being among the most guileless of those who worked on the search for Australia. He is considered a “straight shooter” who worked tirelessly on various aspects of the search.

    Greg Hood, Australia Transport Safety Bureau, taken September 2018. Mr. Hood famously threatened his entire staff with criminal prosecution in 2017 if they revealed that MH370 had been located by Germany’s Geomar, not Australia.

    Barnaby Joyce, Incoming Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development Infrastructure & Transport, 2018.

    Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia Minister of Transport, 2014–2018. He served as Minister in the Razak government during Ocean Infinity’s 2018 efforts to locate MH370.

    Ocean Infinity CEO Oliver Plunkett; who organized a “Mercy Search” for MH370 in late 2017. Although unsuccessful, Mr. Plunkett was the only private sector CEO to step forward in an effort to help bring the tragedy to a close.

    Najib Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister, 2009–2018. Mr. Razak offered to pay Ocean Infinity up to US$70 million for locating MH370 after several years of failure by others. What Mr. Razak failed to disclose is that he knew precisely where the plane crashed, and made sure Ocean Infinity would not be allowed to search that location.

    Malcomb Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister, 2017–2018. Believed to have been instrumental in preventing MH370’s terminal location from being publicly announced.

    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Principal Investigator for R/V Sonne Cruise SO258/1; June — July 2017; first known sonar scan of MH370’s debris field.



  • MH370: Najib Razaks Betrug mit Ocean Infinity (Deutsche)

    Am 10. Januar 2018 wies der malaysische Premierminister Najib Razak seinen Verkehrsminister, Herrn Liow Tiong Lai, an, im Namen Malaysias eine formelle Vereinbarung mit dem CEO von Ocean Infinity, Oliver Plunkett, abzuschließen. Die daraus resultierende Vereinbarung genehmigte eine Suche nach MH370 aus einer einzigen Quelle: hauptsächlich im Südpolarmeer. Ocean Infinity wusste damals nicht, dass die Gesetze der Physik und Mathematik neu geschrieben werden mussten, damit das Flugzeug irgendwo in der Nähe des Südlichen Ozeans geflogen wäre. Es war ein unmögliches Szenario, aber ein Szenario, das viele Menschen im Jahr 2018 weiterhin annahmen, einschließlich Herrn Plunkett und seinen Mitarbeitern. Tatsächlich hegten die meisten der an der ursprünglichen Suche Beteiligten immer noch den Glauben, dass das Flugzeug überall dort sein könnte, wo es seine Treibstoffreserven erlaubten. Sie hatten nicht gelernt, dass der Radius des letzten Pings,

    Die Vereinbarung wurde als „No find, no fee“-Vertrag bezeichnet. Es sah vor, dass Ocean Infinity bis zu 70 Millionen US-Dollar gezahlt würde, wenn es das Trümmerfeld des Flugzeugs erfolgreich lokalisierte. Aber für den Fall, dass Ocean Infinity das Flugzeug nicht finden könnte, würde es für alle seine eigenen Kosten verantwortlich sein; keinerlei Vergütung von Malaysia oder sonst jemandem erhalten. „ No find, no fee“-Verträge sind bei der Bergung in der Tiefsee weit verbreitet. Es handelt sich um spekulative Arbeit mit einem hohen Risiko des Scheiterns. Oliver Plunkett und seine Firma waren mit Bergungen mit hohem Risiko bestens vertraut, aber sie konnten Najib Razaks Kalkül nicht gewachsen sein.

    Zum Zeitpunkt der Unterzeichnung des Abkommens zwischen Ocean Infinity und Malaysia im Januar 2018 sollen weltweit weniger als 20 Menschen genau gewusst haben, wo das Flugzeug abgestürzt ist; unter denen, die es wussten, waren Najib Razak und Liow Tiong Lai. Auf den ersten Blick war die Vereinbarung, die Najib Razak mit Ocean Infinity ausgearbeitet hat, auf Schritt und Tritt „ein Betrug“. Ponzi wäre ehrfürchtig gewesen; zum Teil, weil Oliver Plunkett sehr gut in dem ist, was er tut; aber selbst Plunkett war Kuala Lumpur nicht gewachsen. Und die Finesse, mit der es durchgeführt wurde, zementierte Najib Razaks Vermächtnis als Meister der finanziellen Spielereien.

    Der Vertrag, den Mr. Razak erstellte und der dann am 10. Januar 2018 von Oliver Plunkett unterzeichnet wurde, hinderte Plunketts Firma tatsächlich daran, MH370 zu lokalisieren: 1) Er forderte Ocean Infinity auf, seine Suche auf Gebiete zu beschränken, in denen sich am ehesten Wracks befanden; 2) die Person, die Entscheidungen zur Suchgeografie treffen würde, war der Australier Dr. David Griffin; 3) Griffin war mit MH370 gut vertraut, nachdem er mehrere Jahre mit der ursprünglichen Suche verbracht hatte; 4) aber Griffin war auch dafür bekannt zu glauben, dass das Flugzeug in den südlichen Ozean geflogen sein musste, eine mathematische Unmöglichkeit, die Dr. Griffin zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht verstand, und Mr. Razak wusste das; 5) Der Vertrag verlangte von Ocean Infinity auch, mit etwas zu segeln, das einige als „zwei Schnatze“ bezeichnet haben; Ihre Aufgabe war es, sicherzustellen, dass Ocean Infinity die Vereinbarung einhält.

    Zumindest ein Teil von Mr. Razaks Motiv für all das scheint darin bestanden zu haben, die Gunst der MH370-Familien zu gewinnen, ohne die Absturzstelle des Flugzeugs tatsächlich preiszugeben. Zu den Risiken, die damit verbunden sind, Ocean Infinity zu erlauben, das Flugzeug tatsächlich zu lokalisieren, gehörten: 1) Versäumnis, es zu melden, als Deutschland es im Juni 2017 bestätigte; 2) und das Risiko, dass alles, was von den Flugschreibern geborgen werden könnte, gelüftet wird. Mr. Razak wurde bereits von 1MDB angeklagt. Dennoch wollte er seinen Lebenslauf für das heimische Publikum aufpeppen, um im Wiederwahlkampf gut abzuschneiden. Mr. Razak war nichts als einer der optimistischsten und entschlossensten Menschen auf dem Planeten Erde.

    Wo ist MH370?

    Der größte Teil des Wracks liegt bei -22,2°S, 102,4°O. Dieser Ort lag weit außerhalb der geografischen Grenzen der Suche, wie sie von David Griffin von CSIRO definiert wurde und bei etwa -33,2°S endete. Trotzdem durfte Plunketts Ocean Infinity den ganzen Weg nach Norden bis etwa -24,8°S scannen; etwa 300 Kilometer südlich des Rumpfes des Flugzeugs. Kuala Lumpur nutzte wenige Chancen.

    In Bezug auf „Wer wusste, wo sich das Flugzeug befand“ im Januar 2018 identifiziert die folgende Liste diejenigen, die entweder an Bord der R/V Sonne für die Reise waren, um Zenith Abyss zu scannen, oder maßgeblich an der Lokalisierung des Flugzeugs vor der Sonne-Reise beteiligt waren. Das Wissen über den Zweck der Zenith-Exploration und ihre Auswirkungen scheint streng kontrolliert worden zu sein. Nur wenige Personen in Deutschland, Australien und Malaysia wurden über die Ergebnisse auf dem Laufenden gehalten. Es wird angenommen, dass die meisten Teilnehmer der Kreuzfahrt, „33 Wissenschaftler und Techniker aus 10 verschiedenen Ländern“, über den Zweck des Zenith-Teils der Kreuzfahrt im Dunkeln gehalten wurden.

    • Darren Chester, scheidender australischer Minister für Infrastruktur und Verkehr
    • Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D., Deutschland, Geomar-Wissenschaftler
    • Greg Hood, Australien Chief Commissioner und Chief Executive Officer des Australian Transport Safety Bureau
    • Alan Jamieson, Ph.D., Meeresbiologe, Spezialist für Abyssal Camera Lander
    • Barnaby Joyce, neuer australischer Minister für Infrastruktur, Verkehr und regionale Entwicklung
    • Liow Tiong Lai, Verkehrsminister von Malaysia;
    • Die NOAA wusste fast sofort, wo das Flugzeug abgestürzt ist, scheint dies aber nur mit Canberra und Kuala Lumpur geteilt zu haben.
    • Najib Razak, Premierminister von Malaysia
    • Malcomb Turnbull, Premierminister von Australien
    • Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Deutschland, Meeresgeologe bei Geomar

    Es gab sicherlich andere, die Bescheid wussten, aber wahrscheinlich nicht viele im Januar 2018, als Ocean Infinity in See stach, was seiner Meinung nach eine legitime Suche nach MH370 in gutem Glauben war. Übrigens war der Autor großzügig mit dem Australier Malcolm Turnbull, dessen Archiv jetzt ein Paket mit Grafiken enthält, die ihm zugesandt wurden und die dieselbe Mathematik und denselben Ort zeigen, die ich Jonathan Durgadoo von Geomar gegeben hatte.

    Das Wissen über den Standort des Flugzeugs scheint Ende 2017 ziemlich begrenzt gewesen zu sein, als Ocean Infinity sein hochkarätiges Glücksspiel machte. Das Unternehmen fing gerade erst an, war von Großbritannien nach Texas umgezogen, daher galt ein großer Teil des Interesses von Ocean Infinity einer kleinen kostenlosen Werbung, die manchmal hochkarätige Mysterien begleitet. Aber das Unternehmen meinte es auch ganz ernst mit einer rigorosen Suche.

    Was Deutschland betrifft, wo Geomars R/V Sonne und seine Crew physisch ein Trümmerfeld fanden, das niemand sonst hätte finden können, habe ich keine Informationen darüber, wer auf dem Laufenden war oder nicht. Deutschland kann ein Geheimnis bewahren; manchmal.

    Der zweiseitige Vertrag zwischen Ocean Infinity und Malaysia ist unten abgebildet. Nach bestem Wissen des Autors gab es keine zusätzlichen Geschäftsbedingungen. 

    Liow Tiong Lai


    Unterzeichnungszeremonie bei MH370-Ocean Infinity

    1. Januar 2018
    2. Guten Abend allerseits.
    3. Zuallererst möchte ich Ihnen allen danken, insbesondere den Familien und Angehörigen der Menschen an Bord von MH370 und den Medienvertretern für Ihre heutige Anwesenheit hier.
    4. Ich möchte diese Gelegenheit nutzen, um kurz auf die weiteren Suchaktionen zur Ortung von MH370 durch Ocean Infinity einzugehen.
    5. Auf der Grundlage der Vereinbarung wird Ocean Infinity Suchoperationen durchführen, um Flug MH370 innerhalb eines Zeitrahmens von 90 Tagen auf einer Fläche von 25.000 Quadratkilometern innerhalb des vorrangigen Suchgebiets im südlichen Indischen Ozean zu lokalisieren. Die Suchaktion soll Mitte Januar 2018 beginnen.
    6. Während wir sprechen, ist das Schiff Seabed Constructor derzeit auf dem Weg zum Suchgebiet und nutzt die günstigen Wetterbedingungen im Südindischen Ozean.
    7. Wir haben 65 Besatzungsmitglieder an Bord, darunter zwei (2) Mitarbeiter der Royal Malaysian Navy als Vertreter der malaysischen Regierung.
    8. Die Hauptaufgabe von Ocean Infinity besteht darin, den Ort des Wracks und/oder beider Flugschreiber zu identifizieren; Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) und Flight Data Recorder (FDR) und stellen einen beachtlichen und glaubwürdigen Beweis dar, um die genaue Position der beiden Hauptgegenstände zu bestätigen.
    9. Die Zahlung/Belohnung an Ocean Infinity richtet sich nach dem Gebiet, in dem sich das Wrack befindet, basierend auf der Aufteilung des Suchgebiets, wie in der Vereinbarung vereinbart:

    (i) 82 Millionen RM (20 Millionen USD) für das primäre Suchgebiet von 5.000 Quadratkilometern

    (ii) 122 Millionen RM (30 Millionen USD) für das anschließende sekundäre Suchgebiet von 10.000 Quadratkilometern.

    (iii) 204 Millionen RM (50 Millionen USD) für ein weiteres tertiäres Suchgebiet von 10.000 Quadratkilometern.

    (iv) 285 Millionen RM (70 Millionen USD) für ein zusätzliches ergänzendes Suchgebiet über 25.000 Quadratkilometer hinaus.

    1. Das MH370-Einsatzteam unter der Leitung des Generaldirektors für Zivilluftfahrt zusammen mit Beamten meines Ministeriums, des Außenministeriums und des Ministeriums für Kommunikation und Multimedia. Andere Behörden wie die Royal Malaysian Police und die Attorney General’s Chambers werden die von Ocean Infinity durchgeführten Arbeiten über einen Operationssaal auf dem DCA-Gelände überwachen.
    2. Das Team wird die Familien der Personen an Bord von MH370 per Textnachrichten und E-Mail sowie aktualisierte Informationen auf der offiziellen MH370-Website unter dem Nok-Abschnitt unter (Hyperlink entfernt) aktualisieren, sobald neue Informationen verfügbar sind.
    3. Nochmals möchte ich Ihnen allen danken, dass Sie heute an dieser Zeremonie teilgenommen haben.
    4. Ich möchte unser unerschütterliches Engagement für die Lösung des Mysteriums des MH370-Vorfalls wiederholen.
    5. Unsere Gedanken und Gebete sind und werden immer bei allen Familien und Angehörigen an Bord von MH370 sein, während wir Ihnen in diesen schwierigen Zeiten zur Seite stehen.
    6. Ich hoffe, dass wir eine Antwort finden, nach der wir fast vier Jahre lang gesucht haben, und diesen unglücklichen Vorfall einigermaßen zum Abschluss bringen.
    7. Damit danke ich Ihnen allen.

    Liow Tiong Lai

    Die folgenden Fotos sind nach dem Anfangsbuchstaben des Nachnamens im englischen Alphabet geordnet.

    Darren Chester, scheidender australischer Luftfahrtminister, 2017.

    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D. Dr. Durgadoo entwickelte ein Driftmodell für das rechte Flaperon von MH370, das 2015 am Strand der Insel La Réunion genau westlich der Absturzstelle gefunden wurde.

    David Griffin, Ph.D., Australiens CSIRO; Allen Berichten zufolge hat Dr. Griffin den Ruf, einer der arglosesten von denen zu sein, die an der Suche nach Australien gearbeitet haben. Er gilt als „Straight Shooter“, der unermüdlich an verschiedenen Aspekten der Suche gearbeitet hat.

    Greg Hood, Australia Transport Safety Bureau, aufgenommen im September 2018. Herr Hood drohte 2017 bekanntermaßen seinem gesamten Personal mit strafrechtlicher Verfolgung, wenn sie enthüllten, dass MH370 vom deutschen Geomar und nicht von Australien geortet worden war.


    Barnaby Joyce, neuer Minister für Infrastruktur, Verkehr und regionale Entwicklung, Infrastruktur und Verkehr, 2018.

    Liow Tiong Lai, Verkehrsminister von Malaysia, 2014 – 2018. Er diente als Minister in der Razak-Regierung während der Bemühungen von Ocean Infinity im Jahr 2018, MH370 zu lokalisieren.

    Ocean Infinity-CEO Oliver Plunkett; der Ende 2017 eine „Mercy Search“ für MH370 organisierte. Obwohl erfolglos, war Mr. Plunkett der einzige CEO des Privatsektors, der hervortrat, um zu helfen, die Tragödie zu beenden.

    Najib Razak, Premierminister von Malaysia, 2009-2018. Herr Razak bot an, Ocean Infinity bis zu 70 Millionen US-Dollar für die Ortung von MH370 zu zahlen, nachdem andere mehrere Jahre versagt hatten. Was Mr. Razak nicht preisgab, war, dass er genau wusste, wo das Flugzeug abgestürzt war, und dafür gesorgt hatte, dass Ocean Infinity diesen Ort nicht durchsuchen durfte.

    Malcomb Turnbull, australischer Premierminister, 2017-2018. Es wird angenommen, dass es maßgeblich dazu beigetragen hat, die öffentliche Bekanntgabe des Terminalstandorts von MH370 zu verhindern.

    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Principal Investigator für R/V Sonne Cruise SO258/1; Juni – Juli 2017; erster bekannter Sonarscan des Trümmerfeldes von MH370.


  • MH370: Penipuan Najib Razak di Ocean Infinity (Bahasa)

    Pada 10 Januari 2018, Perdana Menteri Malaysia Najib Razak mengarahkan Menteri Transportasinya, Mr. Liow Tiong Lai, untuk menandatangani perjanjian resmi atas nama Malaysia dengan CEO Ocean Infinity, Oliver Plunkett. Perjanjian yang muncul mengizinkan pencarian satu-satunya sumber untuk MH370: terutama di Samudra Selatan. Tanpa diketahui oleh Ocean Infinity pada saat itu, hukum Fisika dan Matematika harus ditulis ulang agar pesawat dapat terbang di dekat Samudra Selatan. Itu adalah skenario yang mustahil, tetapi skenario yang terus dilakukan banyak orang di tahun 2018, termasuk Mr. Plunkett dan stafnya. Faktanya, sebagian besar dari mereka yang terlibat dalam pencarian asli masih memendam keyakinan bahwa pesawat itu bisa berada di mana saja yang diizinkan oleh cadangan bahan bakarnya. Mereka tidak mengetahui bahwa radius ping terakhir,

    Perjanjian tersebut dicirikan sebagai kontrak “tidak ditemukan, tidak ada biaya”. Ini dengan ketentuan bahwa Ocean Infinity akan dibayar hingga US$70 juta jika berhasil menemukan lokasi puing-puing pesawat. Tapi, jika Ocean Infinity tidak dapat menemukan pesawat, itu akan bertanggung jawab atas semua biayanya sendiri; tidak menerima imbalan apa pun dari Malaysia atau siapa pun. Kontrak “ Tidak ditemukan, tidak ada biaya” cukup umum dalam penyelamatan laut dalam. Ini adalah pekerjaan spekulatif dengan risiko kegagalan yang tinggi. Oliver Plunkett dan firmanya sangat mengenal penyelamatan berisiko tinggi, tetapi mereka tidak cocok dengan kalkulus Najib Razak.

    Pada saat perjanjian antara Ocean Infinity dan Malaysia ditandatangani pada Januari 2018, kurang dari 20 orang di seluruh dunia diyakini tahu persis di mana pesawat itu jatuh; di antara mereka yang tahu adalah Najib Razak dan Liow Tiong Lai. Prima facie, perjanjian yang direkayasa Najib Razak dengan Ocean Infinity adalah “penipuan” di setiap langkah. Ponzi akan kagum; sebagian karena Oliver Plunkett sangat baik dalam apa yang dia lakukan; tapi bahkan Plunkett bukan tandingan Kuala Lumpur. Dan kemahiran yang digunakannya memperkuat warisan Najib Razak sebagai ahli kejahatan keuangan.

    Kontrak yang dibuat Mr. Razak dan yang kemudian ditandatangani oleh Oliver Plunkett pada 10 Januari 2018 sebenarnya mencegah perusahaan Plunkett menemukan MH370: 1) mengharuskan Ocean Infinity untuk membatasi pencariannya ke area yang kemungkinan besar menampung puing-puing; 2) individu yang akan membuat keputusan geografi pencarian adalah Dr. David Griffin dari Australia; 3) Griffin sangat mengenal MH370 setelah menghabiskan beberapa tahun pada pencarian aslinya; 4) tetapi Griffin juga diketahui percaya bahwa pesawat itu pasti telah terbang ke Samudra Selatan, sebuah ketidakmungkinan matematis yang tidak dipahami oleh Dr. Griffin pada saat itu, dan Mr. Razak tahu itu; 5) kontrak tersebut juga mengharuskan Ocean Infinity untuk berlayar dengan apa yang oleh sebagian orang dicirikan sebagai “dua pengadu”; tugas mereka adalah memastikan bahwa Ocean Infinity mematuhi kesepakatan.

    Setidaknya sebagian dari motif Razak untuk semua itu tampaknya adalah untuk mendapatkan dukungan dari keluarga MH370 tanpa benar-benar mengungkapkan lokasi kecelakaan pesawat itu. Risiko yang terkait dengan mengizinkan Ocean Infinity untuk benar-benar menemukan pesawat termasuk: 1) kegagalan untuk melaporkannya ketika Jerman mengonfirmasinya pada Juni 2017; 2) dan risiko menyiarkan apa pun yang mungkin diperoleh dari perekam penerbangan. Mr Razak sudah menghadapi tuduhan 1MDB. Dia tetap ingin meningkatkan resumenya untuk penonton tuan rumah untuk membuat pertunjukan yang bagus dalam kampanye pemilihannya kembali. Tuan Razak bukanlah siapa-siapa jika bukan salah satu individu yang paling optimis dan teguh di planet bumi.

    Di mana MH370?

    Bagian terbesar dari reruntuhan terletak di -22,2°LS, 102,4°BT. Lokasi itu jauh melampaui batas geografis pencarian, seperti yang didefinisikan oleh David Griffin dari CSIRO, yang berakhir pada sekitar -33,2°LS. Namun demikian, Ocean Infinity milik Plunkett diizinkan untuk memindai ke utara hingga sekitar -24,8°LS; kira-kira 300 kilometer selatan badan pesawat. Kuala Lumpur mengambil beberapa peluang.

    Adapun “siapa yang tahu di mana pesawat itu berada” pada Januari 2018, daftar berikut mengidentifikasi mereka yang berada di atas R/V Sonne untuk Voyage untuk memindai Zenith Abyss, atau berperan penting dalam menemukan pesawat sebelum pelayaran Sonne. Pengetahuan tentang tujuan eksplorasi Zenith dan konsekuensinya tampaknya telah dikontrol dengan ketat. Hanya beberapa individu di Jerman, Australia, dan Malaysia yang terus mengikuti temuan. Sebagian besar dari mereka yang berada di kapal pesiar, “33 ilmuwan dan teknisi dari 10 negara berbeda”, diyakini tidak mengetahui tujuan bagian Zenith dari pelayaran tersebut.

    • Darren Chester, Menteri Infrastruktur dan Transportasi Australia yang akan keluar
    • Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D., Jerman, Ilmuwan Geomar
    • Greg Hood, Komisaris Utama dan Kepala Eksekutif Australia untuk Biro Keselamatan Transportasi Australia
    • Alan Jamieson, Ph.D., Ahli Biologi Kelautan, Spesialis Pendarat Kamera Abyssal
    • Barnaby Joyce, Menteri Infrastruktur, Transportasi, dan Pembangunan Regional Australia yang akan datang
    • Liow Tiong Lai, Menteri Transportasi Malaysia;
    • NOAA tahu di mana pesawat itu jatuh segera, tetapi tampaknya hanya membagikannya dengan Canberra dan Kuala Lumpur.
    • Najib Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia
    • Malcomb Turnbull, Perdana Menteri Australia
    • Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Jerman, Ahli Geologi Kelautan dengan Geomar

    Tentu saja ada orang lain yang tahu, tetapi mungkin tidak banyak pada Januari 2018 ketika Ocean Infinity berlayar ke tempat yang diyakini sebagai pencarian MH370 yang sah. Kebetulan, penulis bermurah hati dengan Malcolm Turnbull Australia, yang arsipnya sekarang menyertakan paket grafik yang dikirimkan kepadanya yang menunjukkan matematika dan lokasi yang sama dengan yang saya berikan kepada Jonathan Durgadoo dari Geomar.

    Pengetahuan tentang lokasi pesawat tampaknya cukup terbatas pada akhir 2017 ketika Ocean Infinity membuat pertaruhan profil tinggi. Perusahaan ini baru saja dimulai, telah dipindahkan dari Inggris ke Texas, jadi sebagian besar minat Ocean Infinity adalah pada sedikit publisitas gratis yang terkadang menyertai misteri profil tinggi. Tetapi perusahaan juga sepenuhnya serius melakukan pencarian yang ketat.

    Adapun Jerman, di mana R/V Sonne dan kru Geomar secara fisik menemukan ladang puing yang tidak dapat ditemukan orang lain, saya tidak memiliki informasi tentang siapa yang ada atau tidak dalam lingkaran. Jerman dapat menyimpan rahasia; kadang-kadang.

    Kontrak dua halaman antara Ocean Infinity dan Malaysia ditunjukkan di bawah ini. Sepengetahuan penulis, tidak ada syarat atau ketentuan tambahan. 

    Liow Tiong Lai

    Menteri Perhubungan

    Pada Upacara Penandatanganan Infinity MH370-Ocean

    10 Januari 2018

    1. Selamat sore semuanya.
    2. Pertama dan terutama, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Anda semua khususnya keluarga dan orang-orang terkasih dari penumpang MH370 dan anggota media atas kehadiran Anda di sini hari ini.
    3. Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menjelaskan secara singkat mengenai operasi pencarian lebih lanjut untuk menemukan MH370 oleh Ocean Infinity.
    4. Berdasarkan perjanjian tersebut, Ocean Infinity akan melakukan operasi pencarian untuk menemukan penerbangan MH370 di area seluas 25.000 kilometer persegi di dalam area pencarian prioritas di Samudra Hindia Selatan berdasarkan basis “no cure no fee” dalam jangka waktu 90 hari. Operasi pencarian dijadwalkan akan dimulai pertengahan Januari 2018.
    5. Saat kami berbicara, kapal Seabed Constructor saat ini sedang dalam perjalanan ke area pencarian, memanfaatkan kondisi cuaca yang menguntungkan di Samudra Hindia Selatan.
    6. Kami memiliki 65 kru termasuk dua (2) personel dari Angkatan Laut Kerajaan Malaysia sebagai perwakilan Pemerintah Malaysia.
    7. Misi utama Ocean Infinity adalah mengidentifikasi lokasi reruntuhan dan/atau kedua perekam penerbangan; Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) dan Flight Data Recorder (FDR) dan menyajikan bukti yang cukup dan kredibel untuk mengkonfirmasi lokasi yang tepat dari dua item utama.
    8. Pembayaran/penghargaan kepada Ocean Infinity tunduk pada area di mana reruntuhan berada berdasarkan pembagian area pencarian yang disepakati dalam perjanjian:

    (i) RM82 juta (USD20 juta) untuk area pencarian utama 5.000 kilometer persegi

    (ii) RM122 juta (USD30 juta) untuk area pencarian sekunder 10.000 kilometer persegi berikutnya.

    (iii) RM204 juta (USD50 juta) untuk area pencarian tersier 10.000 kilometer persegi lainnya.

    (iv) RM285 juta (USD70 juta) untuk area pencarian tambahan di luar 25.000 kilometer persegi.

    1. Tim Respon MH370, dipimpin oleh Dirjen Perhubungan Udara beserta pejabat dari kementerian saya, Kementerian Luar Negeri dan Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia. Instansi lain seperti Kepolisian Kerajaan Malaysia dan Kejaksaan Agung akan memantau pekerjaan yang dilakukan oleh Ocean Infinity melalui ruang operasi yang didirikan di dalam premis DCA.
    2. Tim akan memperbarui keluarga penumpang MH370 melalui pesan teks dan email serta informasi terbaru di situs web resmi MH370 di bawah bagian nok di (hyperlink dihapus) ketika dan ketika informasi baru tersedia.
    3. Sekali lagi, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Anda semua untuk menghadiri upacara ini hari ini.
    4. Saya ingin menegaskan kembali komitmen teguh kami untuk memecahkan misteri insiden MH370.
    5. Pikiran dan doa kami selalu dan akan selalu bersama semua keluarga dan orang-orang terkasih dari penumpang MH370 saat kami berdiri bersama Anda di masa-masa sulit ini.
    6. Harapan saya bahwa kita akan menemukan jawaban yang kita cari selama hampir empat tahun dan membawa penutupan untuk insiden malang ini.
    7. Dengan itu saya berterima kasih kepada kalian semua.

    Liow Tiong Lai

    Foto-foto berikut disusun berdasarkan huruf pertama dari nama belakang dalam alfabet bahasa Inggris.

    Darren Chester, Menteri Penerbangan Australia, 2017

    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D. Dr. Durgadoo mengembangkan model drift untuk sayap kanan MH370 yang ditemukan di pantai Pulau Reunion pada tahun 2015, di sebelah barat lokasi kecelakaan.

    David Griffin, Ph.D., CSIRO Australia; Bagaimanapun, Dr. Griffin memiliki reputasi sebagai salah satu yang paling jujur ​​dari mereka yang bekerja dalam pencarian Australia. Dia dianggap sebagai “penembak lurus” yang bekerja tanpa lelah di berbagai aspek pencarian.

    Greg Hood, Biro Keselamatan Transportasi Australia, diambil September 2018. Hood terkenal mengancam seluruh stafnya dengan tuntutan pidana pada tahun 2017 jika mereka mengungkapkan bahwa MH370 telah ditemukan oleh Geomar Jerman, bukan Australia.

    Barnaby Joyce, Menjabat Menteri Infrastruktur, Transportasi, dan Pembangunan Daerah
    Infrastruktur & Transportasi, 2018.

    Liow Tiong Lai, Menteri Transportasi Malaysia, 2014 – 2018. Ia menjabat sebagai Menteri di pemerintahan Razak selama upaya Ocean Infinity 2018 untuk menemukan MH370.

    CEO Ocean Infinity Oliver Plunkett; yang mengorganisir “Mercy Search” untuk MH370 pada akhir 2017. Meskipun tidak berhasil, Plunkett adalah satu-satunya CEO sektor swasta yang melangkah maju dalam upaya membantu mengakhiri tragedi tersebut.

    Najib Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia, 2009-2018. Razak menawarkan untuk membayar Ocean Infinity hingga US$70 juta untuk menemukan MH370 setelah beberapa tahun gagal oleh pihak lain. Apa yang gagal diungkapkan Mr. Razak adalah bahwa dia tahu persis di mana pesawat itu jatuh, dan memastikan Ocean Infinity tidak akan diizinkan untuk mencari lokasi itu.

    Malcomb Turnbull, Perdana Menteri Australia, 2017-2018. Diyakini telah berperan dalam mencegah lokasi terminal MH370 diumumkan kepada publik.

    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Peneliti Utama untuk R/V Sonne Cruise SO258/1; Juni – Juli 2017; pemindaian sonar pertama yang diketahui dari bidang puing-puing MH370.

  • MH370:納吉布拉扎克的海洋無限騙局(英文) (Chinese)

    2022 年 9 月 19 日 邁克·奇利特

    2018 年 1 月 10 日,馬來西亞總理納吉布拉扎克指示他的交通部長廖中萊先生代表馬來西亞與 Ocean Infinity 的首席執行官 Oliver Plunkett 簽訂正式協議。達成的協議授權對 MH370 進行單一來源搜索:主要在南大洋。當時 Ocean Infinity 不知道,必須重寫物理和數學定律,飛機才能在南大洋附近的任何地方飛行。這是一個不可能發生的情況,但許多人在 2018 年繼續接受這種情況,包括 Plunkett 先生和他的員工。事實上,參與最初搜索的大多數人仍然相信這架飛機可以在其燃料儲備允許的任何地方飛行。他們還沒有得知最終 ping 的半徑,

    該協議被描述為“無發現,無費用”的合同。它規定,如果海洋無限公司成功定位了飛機的殘骸場,它將獲得高達 7000 萬美元的報酬。但是,如果 Ocean Infinity 無法找到這架飛機,它會自行承擔所有費用;沒有從馬來西亞或其他任何人那裡獲得任何報酬。“不找,不收費”的合同在深海打撈中相當普遍。這是一種投機性的工作,失敗的風險很高。Oliver Plunkett 和他的公司非常熟悉高風險打撈,但他們無法與 Najib Razak 的計算相提並論。

    在 Ocean Infinity 與馬來西亞於 2018 年 1 月簽署協議時,據信全世界只有不到 20 人知道飛機墜毀的確切地點;知情者包括納吉布拉扎克和廖中萊。從表面上看,Najib Razak 與 Ocean Infinity 達成的協議在每一步都是“騙局”。龐氏會敬畏;部分原因是 Oliver Plunkett 非常擅長他的工作;但即使是 Plunkett 也無法與吉隆坡相提並論。其成功的技巧鞏固了納吉布拉扎克作為金融詭計大師的遺產。

    Razak 先生起草並隨後由 Oliver Plunkett 於 2018 年 1 月 10 日簽署的合同實際上阻止了 Plunkett 的公司定位 MH370:1) 它要求 Ocean Infinity 將其搜索範圍限制在被確定為最有可能藏匿殘骸的區域;2) 將做出搜索地理決策的個人是澳大利亞的 David Griffin 博士;3)格里芬在最初的搜索中花費了數年時間,對MH370非常熟悉;4)但眾所周知,格里芬相信飛機必須飛入南大洋,格里芬博士當時不理解數學上的不可能,而拉扎克先生知道這一點;5) 合同還要求 Ocean Infinity 與一些人稱之為“兩個告密者”一起航行;他們的工作是確保 Ocean Infinity 遵守協議。

    至少,拉扎克先生做這一切的部分動機似乎是在沒有真正透露飛機墜毀地點的情況下贏得 MH370 家庭的青睞。允許 Ocean Infinity 實際定位這架飛機的相關風險包括:1) 德國在 2017 年 6 月確認時未報告;2) 以及可能從飛行記錄器中恢復的任何內容的風險。Razak 先生已經面臨 1MDB 的指控。儘管如此,他還是想為家鄉人群增加他的簡歷,以便在他的連任競選中表現出色。拉扎克先生是地球上最樂觀、最堅定的人之一。


    殘骸的最大部分位於-22.2°S,102.4°E。該位置遠遠超出了 CSIRO 的大衛格里芬所定義的搜索地理限制,搜索結束於約 -33.2°S。儘管如此,Plunkett 的 Ocean Infinity 被允許一直向北掃描到大約 -24.8°S。在飛機機身以南大約 300 公里處。吉隆坡幾乎沒有機會。

    至於 2018 年 1 月的“誰知道這架飛機的位置”,以下名單確定了那些乘坐 R/V Sonne for the Voyage 掃描 Zenith Abyss 或在 Sonne 航行之前幫助定位飛機的人。對 Zenith 探索目的及其後果的了解似乎受到嚴格控制。在德國、澳大利亞和馬來西亞,只有少數人及時了解了調查結果。據信,“來自 10 個不同國家/地區的 33 名科學家和技術人員”在遊輪上的大多數人都對遊輪天頂部分的目的一無所知。

    • Darren Chester,即將卸任的澳大利亞基礎設施和交通部長
    • Jonathan Durgadoo,博士,德國,Geomar 的 Geomar 科學家
    • Greg Hood,澳大利亞首席專員兼澳大利亞運輸安全局首席執行官
    • Alan Jamieson,博士,海洋生物學家,深海相機著陸器專家
    • Barnaby Joyce,即將上任的澳大利亞基礎設施、交通和區域發展部長
    • 馬來西亞交通部長廖中萊;
    • NOAA 幾乎立即就知道飛機墜毀的地點,但似乎只與堪培拉和吉隆坡分享了這一點。
    • 馬來西亞總理納吉布拉扎克
    • 澳大利亞總理馬爾科姆特恩布爾
    • Reinhard Werner,博士,德國,Geomar 海洋地質學家

    當然還有其他人知道,但截至 2018 年 1 月,當海洋無限號啟航進入它認為是對 MH370 的合法善意搜索時,可能並不多。順便說一句,作者對澳大利亞的馬爾科姆·特恩布爾很慷慨,他的檔案現在包括一包發送給他的圖形,顯示了我給 Geomar 的喬納森·杜爾加杜 (Jonathan Durgadoo) 的相同數學和位置。

    2017 年底,當 Ocean Infinity 進行了高調的賭博時,對飛機位置的了解似乎相當有限。該公司剛剛起步,已從英國遷至德克薩斯州,因此 Ocean Infinity 的很大一部分興趣在於進行一些免費宣傳,這種宣傳有時伴隨著高調的神秘事件。但該公司也非常認真地進行了嚴格的搜索。

    至於德國,Geomar 的 R/V Sonne 和工作人員發現了一個其他人無法找到的碎片場,我不知道誰在或不在循環中。德國可以保守秘密;有時。

    Ocean Infinity 與馬來西亞之間的兩頁合約如下所示。據作者所知,沒有附加條款或條件。 




    2018 年 1 月 10 日

    1. 大家下午好。
    2. 首先,我要感謝你們所有人,特別是 MH370 機上人員的家人和親人以及媒體成員今天來到這裡。
    3. 我想藉此機會簡要解釋一下Ocean Infinity對MH370的進一步搜索操作。
    4. 根據協議,Ocean Infinity 將在 90 天內按照“不治不愈不收費”的原則,在南印度洋優先搜索區域內 25,000 平方公里的區域內開展 MH370 航班的搜索工作。搜尋行動計劃於 2018 年 1 月中旬開始。
    5. 在我們說話的時候,利用南印度洋有利的天氣條件,這艘名為 Seabed Constructor 的船目前正在前往搜索區域的途中。
    6. 我們船上有 65 名船員,其中包括兩 (2) 名來自馬來西亞皇家海軍的人員,他們是馬來西亞政府的代表。
    7. Ocean Infinity 的主要任務是確定殘骸和/或兩個飛行記錄器的位置;駕駛艙語音記錄器 (CVR) 和飛行數據記錄器 (FDR) 並提供大量可信的證據來確認這兩個主要項目的確切位置。
    8. Ocean Infinity的支付/獎勵以協議約定的搜索區域劃分為依據的殘骸所在區域:

    (i) 8,200 萬令吉(2,000 萬美元)用於 5,000 平方公里的主要搜索區

    (ii) 1.22 億令吉(3000 萬美元)用於後續 10,000 平方公里的二級搜索區域。

    (iii) 2.04 億令吉(5000 萬美元)用於另外 10,000 平方公里的三級搜索區。

    (iv) 2.85 億令吉(7000 萬美元)用於超過 25,000 平方公里的額外補充搜索區域。

    1. MH370響應小組,由民航總局局長和我部、外交部、通信和多媒體部的官員領導。其他機構,如馬來西亞皇家警察局和總檢察長辦公室,將通過在 DCA 前提下設立的手術室監控 Ocean Infinity 所做的工作。
    2. 當有新信息可用時,該團隊將通過短信和電子郵件更新 MH370 機上人員的家屬,並在 MH370 官方網站的 nok 部分(超鏈接已刪除)下更新信息。
    3. 再次感謝大家出席今天的儀式。
    4. 我想重申我們對解決 MH370 事件之謎的堅定承諾。
    5. 我們的思念和祈禱已經並將永遠與 MH370 上的所有家人和親人同在,在這些艱難時刻與您站在一起。
    6. 我希望我們能找到我們近四年來尋求的答案,並為這起不幸的事件畫上一個句號。
    7. 藉此,我感謝你們所有人。




    Darren Chester,即將離任的澳大利亞航空部長,2017 年

    納森·杜爾加杜博士 Durgadoo 博士為 2015 年在墜機現場以西的留尼汪島海灘上發現的 MH370 右側襟副翼開發了一個漂移模型。

    澳大利亞 CSIRO 博士 David Griffin;眾所周知,格里芬博士是那些致力於尋找澳大利亞的人中最誠實的人之一。他被認為是一個“直射手”,在搜索的各個方面不知疲倦地工作。

    澳大利亞運輸安全局的格雷格·胡德 (Greg Hood),攝於 2018 年 9 月。胡德先生曾在 2017 年威脅他的全體員工,如果他們透露 MH370 是由德國的 Geomar 而非澳大利亞定位的,他們將面臨刑事起訴。

    設施和交通,2018 年。

    Liow Tiong Lai,馬來西亞交通部長,2014 年至 2018 年。他在 Ocean Infinity 2018 年尋找 MH370 的努力中擔任拉薩政府部長。

    Ocean Infinity 首席執行官 Oliver Plunkett;他在 2017 年底為 MH370 組織了一次“仁慈搜索”。雖然沒有成功,但 Plunkett 先生是唯一一位挺身而出幫助結束這場悲劇的私營部門首席執行官。

    吉布拉扎克,馬來西亞總理,2009-2018 年。在其他人多年失敗後,Razak 先生提出向 Ocean Infinity 支付高達 7000 萬美元的定位 MH370。拉扎克先生沒有透露的是,他確切地知道飛機墜毀的位置,並確保海洋無限公司不會被允許搜索那個位置

    馬爾科姆·特恩布爾,澳大利亞總理,2017-2018 年。被認為有助於防止 MH370 的終端位置被公開。

    Reinhard Werner,博士,R/V Sonne Cruise SO258/1 首席研究員;2017 年 6 月至 7 月;MH370 碎片場的首次已知聲納掃描。


  • MH370: Penipuan Najib Razak Tentang Ocean Infinity (Malay)

    Pada 10 Januari 2018 Perdana Menteri Malaysia Najib Razak mengarahkan Menteri Pengangkutannya, Encik Liow Tiong Lai, untuk memeterai perjanjian rasmi bagi pihak Malaysia dengan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ocean Infinity, Oliver Plunkett. Perjanjian yang muncul membenarkan pencarian sumber tunggal untuk MH370: terutamanya di Lautan Selatan. Tanpa diketahui oleh Ocean Infinity pada masa itu, undang-undang Fizik dan Matematik perlu ditulis semula untuk membolehkan pesawat itu terbang ke mana-mana berhampiran Lautan Selatan. Ia adalah senario yang mustahil, tetapi senario yang ramai orang terus terima pada tahun 2018, termasuk Encik Plunkett dan kakitangannya. Malah, kebanyakan mereka yang terlibat dalam pencarian asal masih menyimpan kepercayaan bahawa pesawat itu boleh berada di mana-mana sahaja yang dibenarkan oleh rizab bahan apinya. Mereka tidak mengetahui bahawa jejari ping terakhir, berhubung dengan lokasi GPS satelit pengesan pada ketika itu, bermakna pesawat itu tidak mungkin terhempas di mana pencarian selama empat tahun telah gagal.

    Perjanjian itu disifatkan sebagai kontrak “tiada jumpa, tiada bayaran”. Ia memperuntukkan bahawa Ocean Infinity akan dibayar sehingga AS $70 juta jika ia berjaya mengesan medan serpihan pesawat. Tetapi, sekiranya Ocean Infinity tidak dapat mengesan pesawat itu, ia akan bertanggungjawab untuk semua kosnya sendiri; tidak menerima apa-apa dalam cara imbuhan dari Malaysia atau orang lain. Kontrak “Tiada jumpa, tiada bayaran” adalah perkara biasa dalam penyelamatan laut dalam. Ia adalah kerja spekulatif dengan risiko kegagalan yang tinggi. Oliver Plunkett dan firmanya sangat mengetahui dengan penyelamatan berisiko tinggi, tetapi mereka tidak sepadan dengan kalkulus Najib Razak.

    Pada masa perjanjian antara Ocean Infinity dan Malaysia ditandatangani pada Januari 2018, kurang daripada 20 orang di seluruh dunia dipercayai mengetahui dengan tepat di mana pesawat itu terhempas; antara yang tahu ialah Najib Razak dan Liow Tiong Lai. Secara umum, perjanjian yang dibuat Najib Razak dengan Ocean Infinity adalah “penipuan” setiap langkah. Ponzi pasti berasa kagum; sebahagiannya kerana Oliver Plunkett sangat baik dalam apa yang dia lakukan; tetapi Plunkett pun bukan tandingan Kuala Lumpur. Dan kehalusan yang dilakukannya mengukuhkan legasi Najib Razak sebagai ahli penipuan kewangan.

    Kontrak yang dibuat Encik Razak dan yang kemudiannya ditandatangani oleh Oliver Plunkett pada 10 Januari 2018 sebenarnya menghalang firma Plunkett daripada mengesan MH370: 1) ia memerlukan Ocean Infinity untuk mengehadkan pencariannya ke kawasan yang ditentukan paling berkemungkinan menyimpan serpihan; 2) individu yang akan membuat keputusan geografi carian ialah Dr. David Griffin dari Australia; 3) Griffin sangat mengenali MH370 selepas menghabiskan beberapa tahun dalam pencarian asal; 4) tetapi Griffin juga diketahui percaya bahawa pesawat itu terpaksa terbang ke Lautan Selatan, satu kemustahilan matematik Dr. Griffin tidak faham pada ketika itu, dan Encik Razak tahu itu; 5) kontrak itu juga memerlukan Ocean Infinity untuk belayar dengan apa yang disifatkan oleh sesetengah orang sebagai “dua snitches”; tugas mereka adalah untuk memastikan Ocean Infinity mematuhi perjanjian itu. Itu adalah jenis kod yang bermakna Ocean Infinity tidak akan dibenarkan belayar cukup jauh ke utara untuk tersasar ke lokasi terminal yang diketahui pesawat.

    Sekurang-kurangnya sebahagian daripada motif Encik Razak untuk semua itu nampaknya adalah untuk memihak kepada keluarga MH370 tanpa benar-benar mendedahkan lokasi nahas pesawat itu. Risiko yang berkaitan dengan membenarkan Ocean Infinity untuk benar-benar mengesan pesawat itu termasuk: 1) kegagalan untuk melaporkannya apabila Jerman mengesahkannya pada Jun 2017; 2) dan risiko menyiarkan apa sahaja yang mungkin diperoleh daripada perakam penerbangan. Encik Razak sudah pun menghadapi pertuduhan 1MDB. Dia bagaimanapun mahu menambah resumenya untuk penonton tuan rumah untuk menunjukkan persembahan yang baik dalam kempen pemilihan semulanya. Encik Razak bukanlah salah seorang individu yang paling optimistik dan tegas di planet bumi.

    Di manakah MH370?

    Bahagian terbesar serpihan itu terletak pada -22.2°S, 102.4°E. Lokasi itu jauh melebihi had geografi carian, seperti yang ditakrifkan oleh David Griffin CSIRO, yang berakhir pada kira-kira -33.2°S. Namun begitu, Ocean Infinity Plunkett dibenarkan mengimbas ke utara hingga kira-kira -24.8°S; kira-kira 300 kilometer ke selatan fiuslaj pesawat. Kuala Lumpur mengambil sedikit peluang.

    Bagi “siapa yang tahu di mana pesawat itu berada” pada Januari 2018, senarai berikut mengenal pasti mereka yang sama ada berada di atas R/V Sonne untuk Pelayaran untuk mengimbas Zenith Abyss, atau memainkan peranan penting dalam mengesan pesawat sebelum pelayaran Sonne. Pengetahuan tentang tujuan penerokaan Zenith dan kesannya nampaknya dikawal ketat. Hanya sebilangan kecil individu di Jerman, Australia dan Malaysia sentiasa mengikuti penemuan. Kebanyakan mereka yang berada dalam pelayaran, “33 saintis dan juruteknik dari 10 negara berbeza”, dipercayai telah disimpan dalam gelap tentang tujuan bahagian Zenith pelayaran itu.

    Darren Chester, Menteri Infrastruktur dan Pengangkutan Australia yang akan keluar
    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D., Jerman, Saintis Geomar dengan Geomar
    Greg Hood, Ketua Pesuruhjaya dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Australia untuk Biro Keselamatan Pengangkutan Australia
    Alan Jamieson, Ph.D., Pakar Biologi Marin, Pakar Pendarat Kamera Abyssal
    Barnaby Joyce, Menteri Infrastruktur, Pengangkutan dan Pembangunan Wilayah Australia yang akan datang
    Liow Tiong Lai, Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia;
    NOAA tahu di mana pesawat itu terhempas hampir serta-merta, tetapi nampaknya berkongsi perkara itu hanya dengan Canberra dan Kuala Lumpur.
    Najib Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia
    Malcomb Turnbull, Perdana Menteri Australia
    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Jerman, Ahli Geologi Marin dengan Geomar

    Sememangnya terdapat orang lain yang mengetahuinya, tetapi mungkin tidak ramai setakat Januari 2018 apabila Ocean Infinity berlayar ke dalam apa yang dipercayainya sebagai pencarian suci hati yang sah untuk MH370. Secara kebetulan, pengarang bermurah hati dengan Malcolm Turnbull Australia, yang arkibnya kini termasuk pakej grafik yang dihantar kepadanya menunjukkan matematik dan lokasi yang sama yang saya berikan kepada Jonathan Durgadoo Geomar.

    Pengetahuan tentang lokasi pesawat nampaknya agak terhad pada akhir 2017 apabila Ocean Infinity membuat perjudian berprofil tinggi. Syarikat itu baru bermula, telah berpindah dari UK ke Texas, jadi sebahagian besar minat Ocean Infinity adalah dalam sedikit publisiti percuma yang kadangkala mengiringi misteri berprofil tinggi. Tetapi syarikat itu juga benar-benar serius untuk menjalankan pencarian yang rapi.

    Bagi Jerman, di mana R/V Sonne dan kru Geomar secara fizikal menemui medan serpihan yang tidak dapat ditemui oleh orang lain, saya tidak mempunyai maklumat tentang siapa yang berada atau tidak berada dalam gelung. Jerman boleh menyimpan rahsia; kadang-kadang.

    Kontrak dua muka surat antara Ocean Infinity dan Malaysia ditunjukkan di bawah. Untuk pengetahuan penulis, tiada terma atau syarat tambahan.

    Foto berikut disusun mengikut huruf pertama nama akhir dalam abjad Inggeris.

    Darren Chester, Australian Aviation Minister
    Darren Chester, Menteri Penerbangan Australia yang akan keluar, 2017
    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D.
    Jonathan Durgadoo, Ph.D. Dr. Durgadoo membangunkan model drift untuk flaperon kanan MH370 yang ditemui di pantai Pulau Reunion pada 2015, di sebelah barat tapak nahas.
    David Griffin, Ph.D., Australia's CSIRO
    David Griffin, Ph.D., CSIRO Australia; Secara keseluruhannya, Dr. Griffin mempunyai reputasi sebagai antara yang paling tidak berdaya di antara mereka yang bekerja dalam pencarian Australia. Dia dianggap sebagai “penembak lurus” yang bekerja tanpa jemu dalam pelbagai aspek pencarian.
    Greg Hood, Australia Transport Safety Bureau
    Greg Hood, Biro Keselamatan Pengangkutan Australia, diambil September 2018. Encik Hood terkenal mengancam seluruh kakitangannya dengan pendakwaan jenayah pada 2017 jika mereka mendedahkan bahawa MH370 telah dikesan oleh Geomar Jerman, bukan Australia.
    Barnaby Joyce, Minister of Transport, 2018
    Barnaby Joyce, Menteri Infrastruktur, Pengangkutan dan Pembangunan Wilayah Infrastruktur & Pengangkutan, 2018.
    Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia Minister of Transport, 2014 – 2018
    Liow Tiong Lai, Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia, 2014 – 2018. Beliau berkhidmat sebagai Menteri dalam kerajaan Razak semasa usaha Ocean Infinity 2018 untuk mengesan MH370.
    Ocean Infinity CEO Oliver Plunkett
    Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Ocean Infinity Oliver Plunkett; yang menganjurkan “Mercy Search” untuk MH370 pada penghujung 2017. Walaupun tidak berjaya, Encik Plunkett adalah satu-satunya CEO sektor swasta yang melangkah ke hadapan dalam usaha membantu menamatkan tragedi itu.
    Najib Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister, 2009-2018
    Najib Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia, 2009-2018. Encik Razak menawarkan untuk membayar Ocean Infinity sehingga AS$70 juta untuk mengesan MH370 selepas beberapa tahun kegagalan oleh pihak lain. Apa yang gagal didedahkan oleh Encik Razak ialah beliau mengetahui dengan tepat di mana pesawat itu terhempas, dan memastikan Ocean Infinity tidak dibenarkan mencari lokasi tersebut.
    Malcomb Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister, 2017-2018
    Malcomb Turnbull, Perdana Menteri Australia, 2017-2018. Encik Turnbull dipercayai telah memainkan peranan penting dalam menghalang lokasi terminal MH370 daripada diumumkan secara terbuka.
    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D.
    Reinhard Werner, Ph.D., Penyiasat Utama untuk R/V Sonne Cruise SO258/1; Jun – Julai 2017; imbasan sonar pertama yang diketahui bagi medan serpihan MH370.



  • #MH370: Chronology of Deception

    It’s no longer much of a secret: Australia, Malaysia, and Germany collaborated on deceiving relatives, governments, and the flying public worldwide about discovery of MH370’s crash location after it was visually confirmed in June 2017. That “hoax” actually began about six months prior to confirmation of the plane’s terminal location 7 kilometers below the ocean surface when a German doctoral student named Jonathan Durgadoo exchanged correspondence with moi. I had initiated the exchange after reading an article on his use of a form of drift analysis known generically as “Particle Drift” or specifically as “Stokes Drift” to reverse trace the plane’s flaperon from Reunion Island to its origin. Using an algorithmic form of reverse drift, Mr. Durgadoo estimated that the flaperon originated about halfway between Batavia and Zenith Seamount, a span of about 600 kilometers.

    Without my knowledge, Mr. Durgadoo apparently recognized the improved precision geometric telemetry offered and used it to convince Australia to send a crew out to check the Zenith area. I imagine there were others involved in Germany and perhaps England (Inmarsat) in checking the math, and once all agreed it was correct, Australia and Malaysia suspended all further searches two months before the location was visually confirmed. Mr. Durgadoo, in fact, emailed me that he hoped “your method works”… because nothing else seems to get it right.

    Indeed, unknown to me at the time, Mr. Durgadoo and his employer, Geomar, had already agreed with Australia and Malaysia to send a research vessel to Zenith to check the prediction. We know now of course that they found it quickly and obtained quite good images: probably some that have never been released.

    To date, there have been no official denials that the plane was located in any other sequence. Why no denials? Because it is perjury, worldwide; a huge risk. But there have been two noteworthy private denials by functionaries who “got caught” trying to pull this hoax off in the dark of night. One was a respected Marine Geologist, Reinhard Werner; the other was a marine biologist from Newcastle College in UK, Alan Jamieson.

    I did not become aware of the subterfuge until I happened to notice the debris field in a Google Earth plugin prepared and published by Scripps of California. It was published in 2019 and I noticed it in 2020. The only reason I noticed it at all was that it happened to appear precisely where my telemetry said MH370 crashed. Other than that, anyone familiar with the sonar scans from the Air France #447 debris field would never in a million years expect Multibeam sonar to be capable of imaging an aircraft seven kilometers below the ocean surface. Not even a wide body like a Boeing 777-200. But fortunately, Geomar used an imaging technique that somewhat exaggerated the plane’s size. The fact that it appeared precisely where telemetry said it must have crashed was a bonus. It also helped that MH370’s pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, managed to ditch the plane in a way that left it largely intact, as surmised in 2018 by Canada’s Larry Vance.

    Two Unofficial Denials

    The first of two denials came from Dr. Reinhard Werner, the Principal Investigator aboard Geomar’s June 2017 voyage to Zenith to confirm MH370’s terminal location. After noticing an odd shape in a Google Earth plugin prepared and published by Scripps in 2019, I spent a month or so trying to determine exactly what it was and how the image had been acquired. It was not a simple process. Scripps was generally helpful. I was referred to Geomar eventually, specifically to the Principal Investigator for “Cruise SO258/1”, Reinhard Werner. As you can imagine, since I knew Jonathan Durgadoo, with whom I shared my telemetry, worked for Geomar, bells and whistles were going off, but I didn’t venture into that aspect of it at that point. Attached is my email to Dr. Werner; it is followed by his reply.

    Figure 1
    Figure 1: Email from Michael Chillit to Reinhard Werner regarding 2017 Multibeam Sonar that pinpointed MH370’s terminal location at -7 kilometers in Zenith Abyss. (Click to enlarge)

    I did not have preconceived notions about what Reinhard Werner might say to me. I certainly did not anticipate high level official duplicity from the three nations I previously assumed were “on the up and up”. Wrong. I couldn’t even be sure Werner would reply, given the hostile environment the search for that plane seemed to have entombed. But I did not expect an outright lie that a five-year-old could see through. Yet, that is what I got. Dr. Werner had the effrontery to tell me in so many words that the sonar was not from his voyage. To “prove” it he or someone working for him, edited out the entire area where the fuselage rests. Fortunately, I sent the image out to an independent Kongsberg specialist who not only confirmed it was from the Scripps archive, and from the June 2017 Sonne voyage, but that it had apparently been deleted from Geomar’s website, as well as from GEBCO data in London. High level hijinks.

    Figure 2
    Figure 2: An image from Geomar’s Reinhard Werner to Michael Chillit claiming the MH370 debris field is nowhere to be found in his Kongsberg AIS files. [Scripps of California previously indicated Geomar and Werner were the source; moreover, there had been no other publicly recorded voyages to that location as of June 2017.] (Click to enlarge)
    The second unofficial denial came from a member of the 2017 RV Sonne voyage, Alan Jamieson. Like too many people involved in the search for this plane, Jamieson took a hostile approach. Unlike Werner, who was civil, Jamieson went out of his way to be sarcastic and offensive. It was puzzling at first because I didn’t know Jamieson and he didn’t know me. Who goes through life with that kind of chip on his shoulder? And why? Jamieson’s replies may be viewed at this link. They say all anyone needs to know about their author.

    It has taken me a couple of additional years to absorb all of this and make sense of it. A lot has happened over the period, including an organized effort to discredit me and my work for four years; it involved the Malaysian Embassy in Perth; an erstwhile “reporter” for “3AW talkback radio” based in Melbourne, and various false stories in tabloids in England and Australia. Meanwhile, an Australian reporter who criticized Australia’s ATSB for abysmal failure in this tragedy vanished without a trace. No body; he is presumed dead. Was he silenced by those who desperately want to hide MH370? No one seems to know. If anyone knows, they appear to be disinclined to talk about Ean Higgin’s demise.

    In summary, there have been two deliberate attempts to steer all inquiries away from the MH370 debris field located in Zenith Abyss: one involving Dr. Reinhard Werner, and another involving Alan Jamieson. There have been no official responses to any of it. There are no public statements known to this author to the effect that: “MH370 is still missing”. I interpret such silence to mean the three nations involved are not about to perjure themselves by denying what is known with absolute certainty: MH370 surface debris was first located by NOAA in 2014 via satellite imagery; it was confirmed to be at that location in 2017 by Germany; and it was documented extensively by Australia in 2021 for ten days. At no time did Australia ever attempt to scan that area prior to calling off the search.